June 21, 2011

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent and Most Merciful. All thanks to Him for his greatness and love that we are still alive till this day, still going through our life and despite all the wars and famine out there, we are still blessed with blissful life and enjoying every minute of our lives.

Examination season is not over yet but it is nearly the end of June already. Half a year has nearly come and i feel that nothing much that i have done throughout the year. The time we had today felt so ridiculously short and sometimes when we did nothing much and it had already come to the end of day, we ended up sitting at the corner of our room, thinking back what we had done actually during the day. There is nothing special actually with today's entry, just want to remind myself and you guys in importance of reminders in our lives as muslims.

I'm not a preacher, I'm a doctor.

Most of us think that to preach is not everyone's job. To share and remind ourselves and others are not so important in our daily lives. It's the preachers job. The ones who learn islamic education and religious believe who must educate and remind others. Even when you realize its importance, you just want to run from it. Why? It's bothersome? Afraid of criticism that you might get? Don't want to be assumed as pious? Is being pious is wrong to you? If these are the thoughts that came to our mind than how will we be willingly come forward when the time of jihad finally down upon us. How will we be aware of its utmost importance and able to prioritize things in our life?

{Say: Can ye see yourselves, if the punishment of Allah come upon you or the Hour come upon you, calling upon other than Allah? Do ye then call for help to any other than Allah? Answer that if ye are truthful.} Al-An'am, verse 40.

Today when people around us are doing unshameful sins and fitnahs are all over the world, if we still do not realize the importance of sticking to the right way, and we chose to be ignorant of our surroundings who are there to blame when Allah does not want to listen to what we want to say and our prayers are not answered. Do you think we still have things to say for ourselves then?

It does not mean that if you want to advice others you have to be perfect, because if that is a must then there will not be anyone left to advice and preach because no one is perfect right? Only our prophet Muhammad SAW is but even he when making mistakes will be corrected by God Himself as proven in the holy Quran and stories in hadiths. Don't you think that our wrong doings are actually paid when we encounter hardships and troubles in our lives? As such, we all should be constantly reminded why and what is our purpose of living as a human being and justify ourselves into thinking don't we want to be in His Jannah as well?

As I aged, I tend to watch the people around me begin to change. Some for the greater good but some worsen. When i realized the true path and i had taken the path in life, i wand to be kindled with the same inspiration until the end of my time but seeing other people around me led me into thinking otherwise. Some were losing in their fight when the trouble come and some putting their hands down in despair after fighting for so long and some thinking that they had done enough, though they spent only so little time and perspiration in their da'wah, making me think will i be able to stay here? Will I be still in-wrapped in the oath i made or will i be so ignorantly and change? May God steadfast me and you in our believes, guide us till the end of our lives and dear God forbid us from being left astray and in Your wrath.


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