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April 11, 2011

assalamualaikum wbt..

it's that time of the year again.the time when everyone glances at their watches and rummages through their calendars to stay conscious on what time is it and what day it has been.

know what i'm talking about? well,it's that time when everyone starts to spring their books open and start studying like i-never-open-that-book-and-that-one-too-before syndrome. guys knew already what i am talking's that time of the year again when everyone frantically trying to strive hard to be able to climb to the next semester's classes.
to me, always it seems like i need something that act like an injection for me to start the readings.not that i have an incurable's just that i need a booster to study..

everyone, i think need something that can keep pushing them forward. whether it is family or friends or who-so-ever differs but there must be something or someone that will be our reason to strive forward towards excellence.

if we do not have any goal when we do something, it will be just like an astronaut who does not have a moon to go kept going around and around the earth but no destination to head to.

besides, who wants to do something without proper reasonings right? for instance, if i want to go to Cairo, i must have a reason to got there.whether it's appropriate or not, it's the other thing.(shopping,etc?) but for sure there must be a reason right if we want something in our life.there must be an ultimate goal. 

for me, around this time of the year, i will always go to my friends seeking advices and go through the internet, searching for inspirational videos or talks that can keep me motivated.

certainly, we all have ups and downs, as a human, it is normal for us to fine something that will ease our mind when we felt like the-world-will-end-tomorrow mode.

for us muslim, when we claim we are muslim, we have carved in our hearts that we have an everlasting journey still in the afterlife.whether we made it through and achieved success in this life is another matter to us because our goal is Allah's blessing for us in the afterlife.

but that does not mean Allah forbid we,muslim to achieve glory.Saidina Umar Al-Khattab glorified islam by freeing those governed by Persian and Rome.He had done many great things for Islam and so do our beloved prophet, Nabi Muhammad SAW.

so always bear in mind that in order to gain Allah's love we need to have compassion in every single thing we do.let Quran and Sunnah be our guidance along this road we take.

Fighting is prescribed for you, and you dislike it. But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah know it, and you know not.
(2: 216)

here's a video of motivation.


Tasnim said...

MashaALLAH..awesome lah nabel..postlah lgi video best2..teeheee...

siRnaBieLa~@ said...

thanx tasnim..insyaAllah akan try crik lg video besh2~ =)

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