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April 1, 2011

Assalamualaikum..dear readers..

It has been a while since i last updated this blog..
My deep and sincere apology to you guys for unable to blog for a while's not that i don't have the time..i really have lack of ideas to write nowadays.before i actually begin this blog i have made a promise to  myself if i cannot 'thabat' or give my commitment in the thing that i intend to do..its better not to even start it in the first place..but i am really afraid of being asked of what i have done for the society..for i am not someone who is talkative..i do not really know how to blend well with others.that's why i prefer to write..maybe something i said can touch and change others.i also figured that i can share anything that i found of much value while surfing or during my readings..

Sometimes i prefer to stay quiet and mostly listen to others because i am afraid that what i say will bring much annoyance and uneasiness to my friends rather than comforting them.well because i am very straight-to-the-point and honestly i really don't know how to say something that is wrong without hurting someone's remain silence is better.still, i admit it is not something righteous to do.

you have to uphold the right thing right? you have to take your stand in islam. islam asks us to be truthful and advices people as well as remembering others of what their role in the is true that sometimes people cannot accept advices from others.i myself have my own conflicts but i realized by now that without those advices,preaches and even scoldings..i will not be who i am today.

so, insyaAllah i will keep on writing and i am very grateful for you guys who keep following my blog.recently, i have been reading on Saidatina Aisyah r.a on how her life as the prophet's wife,companion and is really an amazing should read it! =) (i borrowed it from kak ha~)

hehe..ok.that's all for now..lots of quizzes to attend to..may Allah bless you..salam alyk~


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