trip to UK!! =)

February 25, 2011

on 28th January,my friends and I had safely arrived in one of the largest airport in London which is Gatwick. we spent the night at the airport.and so, we began our journey the next day carrying our luggages to Malaysian Student Department Hall.

it's too tiring to write all about our journey..but these were a bit glimpse of what we had..
29th Jan
- arrival
- went shopping in Bond Street, Oxford Street and Marble Arch area
30th Jan
- Buckingham Palace
> watched sequence of changing guard ceremony
> magnificent choreography staged by the army and police squad parade
- went to St James Park, National Gallery,Trafalgar Square as well as Big Ben

31th Jan
- went to Aldgate East to drop off our bags
- drop by Malaysian Embassy in Governor Square to inform our current whereabouts
- off to Edinburgh, Scotland
1st Feb
- went to Mimie's house ( thanx Mimie! ) >on the way, had a call from Utusan
- visited one of the castle there and shopped for souvenirs
- Parliament building, Holyrood's Hill
2nd Feb
- took bus to Newcastle and arrive at midday
- enjoyed the food there thanks to all my fwenss (hepi besday to Ecah n Lijah)
- went to Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Quayside

3rd Feb
- visited Newcatle University
- last minute shopping before departing to Leeds
- arrive at night
4th Feb
- took early bus to York
- went to Minster Gothic Cathedral, went to largest train museum in the world
- shopped at Designer Factory Outlet
5th Feb
- took bus to Manchester
- meet Azi (thx azi!) and kak Nadia^Mansuriyin^ ( relieved to see her perfectly fine and shared our stories)
- went to Manchester United Stadium
-spent the night at kak Fadhilah's house (thanx!) 
6th Feb
- took bus to Liverpool
- meet my long lost friend who gave us tour around the town
- went to Liverpool Stadium where Ain went berserk.. (hehe..juz kidding) 
7th Feb
- almost missed our bus to Birmingham(2nd largest city in uk)
- arrived and went to Bullring for shopping and souvenirs
8th Feb
- took bus to Oxford
- visited famous shooting place of Harry Potter (the dining hall)
- climbed the Oxford Tower, Radcliff Camera, walked aroud the university
- missed our bus and forced to take a train back worth 30 pound sterling 
9th Feb
- went to Birmingham University
- took bus to Warwick
- breathtaking view as well as extraordinary experiences with nature and living life of the past
- arrived at Birmingham and went shopping for chocolatessss
10th Feb
- went back to London by bus
- took our bags to MSD
- rest for the day
11th Feb
- trip to Bath and Stonehenge
- join a tour by one of the company for tourist in London
- awesome time engulfing the view along our journey
12th Feb
- thanks to Fadhil, we had easier job finding our ways around London
- went to Madame Tussauds (aju,mek cah and ain) , London Eye (kak najwa,kak anis,zati and kak ha)
- i, myself went to see the street performance accompanied by her humble self, Fadhil
- then, some of us went back to MSD ( kak najwa,me and Fadhil) while some went to Arsenal Stadium
- then, we went for shopping some more..
13th Feb
- met my old friend , Thara..(miss u!!=D)
- then at noon, returned to Malaysian Hall
- meeting with Ambassador, Vice Advisor of UMNO and Head of MSD
- headed to the London Heathrow Airport

i really had a splendid time with all my friends and alhamdulillah unforgettable memories had been carved along the road we took.we made new friends and shared new things together..i hope this memories will last forever and may our ukhuwwah will blossom more with these experiences we had had deep and sincere apologies if i ever made wrongs to you guys along this trip..hope someday in the future, we will have another opportunity to gather again for another vacation..see ya! bye2 UK! =')

here are some of our pictures..


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