Steadfast aNd Have Faith..

May 21, 2011

Assalamualaikum wbt..
Today i officially just finished my forensic clinical round. I just got back from my examination and hopefully Allah will grant me good marks.So what have you guys been up to nowadays? I think most of you in Malaysia are spending your vacation for semester break. I can't wait to go back home.

Anyway, today, i just want to share with all of you about my experiences in studying medicine here in Mansoura. Mansoura is located in Ad-Daqahliyyah about 3 hours ride from Cairo, the capital city of Egypt.

I have almost been here for four years now and still there is about 2 and a half years to go. When I first came here, just the thought of spending my 6 years here in Egypt felt so long and kind of depressing. Well, aside being afar from my family, i kind of having problems with other things too like language barrier,me speaking english/malay while these arabs their main languages are arabic/french and trying to mix around with new friends and new environment, as I mention before i arrived here quite late than the others. Well, Egypt did not really woo me back then.

Anyhow, now, i feel like it was just like yesterday that i have first set my foot here in Mansoura. Truly, if we believe in Allah words and keep holding on, insyaAllah He will guide us to the right path and everything then will feel easy. When we are feeling sad and lonely, just set in your mind that Allah is always with you no matter where you are and what you do so when you first learn to stand up with your own foot you will not feel afraid instead you will bravely try to stand on your own.

“Allah does not burden a soul with more than it can bear.” (Qur’an 2: 286)

Eventhough you stagger later on and fall, you will not feel like it is the end of the world, but you will try to stand up again because you will feel like there is a force behind you that will always be there for you to catch you whenever you fall. And when you often recite Quran you will have this feeling that whatever is planned for you by God, it is for the best. He knows best. So, insyaAllah He will give the best for His worshippers.

For myself, i think the ability to fully believe in God no matter what you do, i cannot really explain it, but if you steadfast in your faith, insyaAllah you will feel that with do'a, everything you wish for will come true. It does not mean that if you want success you can just sit around and do nothing but hoping with your prayer only, your wish will come true. No,not like that, but what I meant here is by doing your BEST and praying besides taking care of your relationships and responsibilities with others, insyaAllah, everything you want in life and every hope you have for your future will be granted.

And lastly, remember that our life here is only temporary, Heaven and Hell is real, so do not race for the wealth and popularity until you forget to be thankful to Allah SWT. Take care of our 'ibadah' so that not only we will be successful on earth but also we will be tremendously succeed for being in His Jannah later on. That's all for now. Assalamualaikum wbt~ =)


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