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December 5, 2010

assalamualaikum wbt.. today i learnt about attitude.. well,not actually the main topic in class is about attitude.. but, what i learnt most today is about attitude..

now, we are already in our second posting which is in ophthalmology department.. the first hour, we learn as usual in a lecture.. while the next two hours are spent in the clinical round..

when the second doctor came in, he brought with him three female patients who are in their late 50s.. as our previous class, we just watched him bringing them while busying ourselves, putting our white coat on..

then, he gestured my friend who was sitting two seats to my right to help him ushering the patients to their seats.. i was a bit startled because he was really thinking about the patient's condition and he was really kind to them..

then, we took turns in pair to observe each patient condition.. the first patient was aphakic.. she has posterior chamber intraocular lens (IOL) which was proved by the presence of 2 images in the pupil.. by our turn, she really felt pain in her eyes and had become irritated by the frequent exposure to light.. the second patient, her right eye was also aphakic and it also had posterior chamber IOL while on her left eye, there was senile immature nuclear cataract..

the last patient for today had senile nuclear cataract in her right eye while leukoma non adherent on her left eye.. the leukoma can be seen by naked eye which presented as white spots on the front of the cornea.. it was recognized as non adherent due to regular size of pupil when constricted and by the angle of the light which showed that the lens did not adhere to the iris..

at the last part of our session, the doctor excused the patients and he revised with us again on the patients conditions..then, he reminded us about the importance of humility and manners..

because we are in ophthalmology center, most of the patients have some defects with their vision.. so, we should help them whenever necessary.. even when they think they don't need us, just be kind and offer our help to them.. be generous with the patient and do not hurt their feelings for they are human beings too..

when the patient feel irritated, do not force her to be examined by you because the patient who come here are volunteering for our sake.. even if they are not volunteering,if they are paid to be inspected, they are still patients who required medical care and good treatment. besides, most of them are usually old folks so we should respect them and treat them properly..

so for those who are studying to be a doctor.. don't forget to earn your self respect first by respecting others..

that's all,chaw2..


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