The magical impact of repetition on our life~

December 31, 2010

1. A colleague of mine who used to claim that he doesn’t really mean it when he uses those commonly used abusive words in almost every discussion he joins, came to me crying that by mistake the same word came out of his mouth while he was having a discussion with his parents.

2. A Saudi Prince’s son went out with his friends on a long drive. The music was on in a loud voice and they were singing and laughing while driving, when suddenly they got an accident. All of them died except the Saudi Prince’s son, who was in “ Nazaa” ( a state between life and death)

When people started reciting “Kalima ” in front of him so that he may also recite, they heard him repeating the wordings of his favourite song. He died without saying Kalima. When asked from a scholar, the reply was “When you see the angel of death you get so afraid that unintentionally you would repeat the wordings which you hear, read, think or say the most in your life.(as a habbit) So this man didn’t hear or recite "Kalima" most of the times in his life.

Similarly when people tried to convince a “tangey wala” in Peshawar to recite Kalima after a severe accident, he was repeating “Kisa khwani bazaar ke itney paisey…..etc” ( words from Hindustan's movie ) because this is what he had been repeatedly listening to, thinking or saying most of the times in his life.

There are numerous other examples of people counting money even on their last breath.

p.s. A man who dies while reciting Kalima would go directly go to heaven (Hadith)

^ Devil knows this that is why he takes away all the time which was meant for Zikr and thus, in our spare time, instead of doing zikr we are unintentionally murmuring our favourite song.

^ So dear friends we should try to change our behavior and addictions in singing songs and try to keep ourselves with remembering Allah always.. fill the leisure with zikr and prayers because death will come suddenly and unnoticed.. do not be like the people who are in the afterlife who begs to Allah for them to go back to Earth to redeem themselves..

وَبُرِّزَتِ الْجَحِيمُ لِلْغَاوِينَ َ    go to top of page

Paradise shall be brought near for those who
safeguarded themselves against evil;
while Hell shall be made manifest to those who went astray.
As-Shua'raa ( 90-91 )

 This is a further reminder and emphasizes what will happen to the believers who do well, and how on the Day of Judgment, Heaven will look so near and within easy reach, and it will appear so lovely, enticing, captivating, and attractive.  At last the believers' goal is near at hand, the promise of Allah is true as they know it is, and the best award can be seen nearby, Paradise itself, close.

    On the other hand, there will be a different surprise for those who denied the faith or did not work for the Hereafter, and their surprise will be doubly terrifying.  They will see how foolish they were, and how terrible of them to ignore Allah's teachings.

    They will be petrified, frightened and intimidated at the sight of Hellfire and how ferocious it looks.  Oh how much they wish they are given another chance, another opportunity to come back to earth and have a virtuous life, a life in the right direction.  Nay, their wishes won't come true, but Allah's promise will, and He has warned people, but they did not heed.  They deserved to be in Hell..

source : islamic book 


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