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December 1, 2010

i just want to share things that i like and dislike in my page..
if there is any comment about what i write, do feel free to comment ..

nway, here i just want to explain why i said i am nobody.. i do not wish to be somebody.. but i do not want to be just anybody.. i just want to be myself.. searching for the truth..~@

i said i'm nobody.. because i'm just like everyone else created by god the same way as you guys. so i'm not someone special..

i said i do not wish to be somebody because i think if we are known for our pride and place among society..then, we'll be a stuck up jerk.. and we will not get a place close to Allah..

and i also said that i do not want to be just anybody because who would want to be known as someone who live doing wrong deeds..because i'm here as one of His soldier standing on His line..and i'm hoping with what i will bring hidayah to others not fitnah..that is what i aim for..

i'm just walking this path to seek the inner help others understand and share the true values in islam..and together we shall cherish our life as a muslim which is the upmost gift given by Allah to us..and i'm hoping and hoping that He will guide me all the way until the end of time..

that's all for now! 
and thanx for the support!! =)=)


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