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December 1, 2010

salam alyk..well, in this entry, i want to tell u guys about my plans to uk.<waa..excited sengsorang..>

about a week ago my friends n i decided to change our plans. we have decided to go to uk.prior to this, we actually wanted to go to Poland and Czech but because our friends there are busy late january we decided to postpone the trip..

well going to uk is much easier if we have friends there who want to take us as tour guides but alhamdulillah although they are bz with exams  they manage to squeeze their time and place to provide places for us to stay..

now our group is about 10 people..that's a huge amount actually but insyaAllah it will be fun..our trip members are me,ain,aju,zaty,kak iman and her sis,kak ha,kak najwa,kak anis and aju's cousin <don't know her name yet>..

anyhow, now we are busy chartering the places that we want to visit and we are a bit worried about the tickets..its pretty expensive now..believe i've been 3 times to flight agencies and now i just want to wait for christmas so that the price will be much cheaper..

according to my senior she bought the ticket about a week before christmas and the price was really cheap..

anyway, we are still contacting our friends there to find a place to stay now so not much news to tell actually..

ok that's all for now..

p/s: i'll post about my trip to germany later


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