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December 2, 2010

salam, i went to see my sisters and we talked about what happen in Malaysia..then, they told me that yesterday paper on The Stars wrote about NOCs problem in now, i just want to voice my opinion on this matter..i think most of the students sent here in mansoura are through the agencies..we here in mansoura do not discriminate people wether they came through government or through agencies..

but over the years, i have seen so many things happen around me that kept bringing up the same old problem which actually have its solution..
non-objection certificates (NOCs) are really needed these days to study abroad. though i myself has no problem with it..i strongly felt worried about my friends who has the problem in getting the NOCs..

what the government want and why the NOCs is so important?
well the NOCs are actually the document which given as a recognition to our credibility to study abroad..well for example,if you are studying engineering in Japan, you should have some qualification.. meaning you should score A in certain subjects that can guaranteed your reputation as a student abroad..

well for a medical student you have to at least have B3 requirement in science subjects and 8As.. for me, i don't really see these requirements are important because most of the students here in mansoura who scores are not the straight As scorer in their late school but here they work hard and their effort shows in their achievement.. they learnt from the past and knew how to appreciate their parents effort in sending them here..people who are great scorers in their late school mostly do not really performed in the examinations..

maybe because when we were in school, the teachers tend to give us all the information we needed to score in the exams but now, university teaches us to be independent and resourceful..

anyway, i hope if the government were concerned of us they will not just  tell us in our face that we do not fulfill their requirements and the university is not in their standard instead investigate things first then you' ll know that we are not like other universities that really just want to produce doctors but our university has its own quality and the syllabus of international standard which sometimes even surprises the doctors who came from Malaysia..

that's all for now..wassalam.=)

link : the stars


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