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December 2, 2010

salam alyk.. today i'm going to meet my sisters < well not actual sisters > but sisters in ukhuwwah.. i only got to know them a few weeks before but they were really nice and warm..

in this entry i'm not going to talk about my sis.but i'm going to brief you guys on something else..

well, in malaysia or in some place this small group of people who meets up and talk about religious belief is called 'usrah' but here in Egypt we called it as 'smart circle'..

smart circle(SC) is a great thing that connect seniors and juniors.. we especially who study medicine rarely have the time to mingle around the new ones who just came here from Malaysia..but thankfully the presence of SC really coped that problem..

when we meet up in the SC we don't only talk about islam, we talk about our study and problems we had while we were here far from our family.. SC helps the students to communicate and share their problems wether in their studies or their life here in Egypt..

SC also helps to strengthen our beliefs and also fills the souls that are thirst for knowledge wether academically or socially.. 

some people have problems understanding what the SC is all about..they think its  just a waste of time and feel that seniors who are offering their help are just trying to meddle in their daily lives..

SC is definitely one of the medium to up-hand amar maaruf nahi munkar.. but we are muslim.. things like afraid of being judged and advised should totally be away from our minds.. because we should remember if the people around us are not trying to tell us what's right and wrong when we died and happen to gather in 'Mahsyar' , then u'll want to blame others.. so don't try to be an ignorant person and try to accept the community around you whose trying to shape you to be a better muslim..

we are not your parents or teachers but we are the ones whose fighting alongside you hoping that you will be a better person because nuhibbukum fillah.. we love you because you are muslim like us and we don't want to see the ones we know to be strapped and push into hell..

well, i think my words are a bit harsh.. but they are the truth right..? we often think that people who advised us as the ones who don't favor us.. who really like to criticize all the things we do.. that's not true.. instead try to think that they care about us.. that's why even though they know we won't like them much if they scolded or preached us, they still do what they do and do not stop doing it even if we neglected their advices or even mocked them back..

hence, stop being a hindrance and do your best to accept advices that came from others..ok, that's all for today's entry..

uhibbukum fillah.. =)


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