i love u dad!! =')

December 1, 2010

there's so much thing happen right when we say something? mixed emotion can happen even when we say only one word..words can make even a mountain falls..but it also can make paradise very real..

for example words like 'i love u'..when u say it at someone u don't know..it can be really confusing..but when u say it to your special ones like your mother and father..it can blossom the relationship u had with your folks.but sometimes..i think people often said 'i love u' to their mother than their father..

dad is someone we look up to.he is the one that raise you in a tough way so that you will become someone that can carry yourself and be independent in whatever you do..he seemly often scolded us in every way whenever we make mistakes as we grow.but he loves his child the same as a mother would love hers..

these days, i never expected my father to be a bit sad because when i'm away from home, i always call my mother rather than him. my father doesn't really talk much on the phone..that's why i kept on calling my mom if i had the chance.

i just knew his feeling when i went back home last time..

i felt really upset with myself.i hope i can change and be a better person in the future.. so guys..if you call home.don't forget to call both your mom and your dad.after you talk to your mom on her phone do call your dad on his phone too..don't just call your mom , after finish talking to your mom then "can i talk to dad?"..because it's not the same as you calling him on his own phone..

dad is the one person that really keep his emotion to himself..hug and kiss him as you do to your mom and do say 'i love u' too to him..that will make him very happy on the inside..plus,don't forget to treat him the same way as you treat your mom.respect and cherish them because without even one of them there will be no 'you' living healthily and alive.

O Lord, forgive me, my parents and Muslims in the Hereafter. O Lord, show mercy on them as they have nourished me when I was young. 



iylia said...
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sirnabiela said...

iylia sorry..bkn akak yg remove awk nye comment..dye tbe2 hlg sndri..sowii..

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