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December 12, 2010

what happen when you see your world crumbles before you???
do you scream then run and hide?
do you keep looking back thinking that it was all your fault?
or do you just make up your mind and said that things just happen.. its just the way it is..if Allah said it is so,then it arguing..

Ya Allah, forgive me for my sins and my awful past.. give me strength to go on.. please help me to write down a new beginning..

Ya Allah, please don't let me go in my own way, for i am nothing without You.. for You are my everything right now..

Ya Allah, i thank You for Your guidance..please show me the light when its dark around me..and please help me up if i fall..~@

ya Allah,do not burden us beyond what we have d strength to bear..
and pardon us, forgive our sins, and have mercy on us..
You alone are our protector..


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